Experiencing a costly heating bill? Is your furnace less responsive or louder than usual?

Let the experts at AC Midwest help you determine if it's time to replace your old furnace and invest in a new high efficiency furnace. There are a variety of efficient furnaces on the market, we’ll help you choose the high efficiency furnaces that best fit your lifestyle and budget. Read on to discover all the advantages the latest high efficiency furnaces have to offer. From the energy bill savings and efficiency benefits to all the comfort and convenience benefits.

What is a high efficiency furnace?

A high efficiency furnace is also known as a condensing furnace, these furnaces can offer 90% AFUE or higher by utilizing a second heat exchanger to heat the air from condensed exhaust gases. 

What is an AFUE rating?

AFUE is the abbreviation for 'Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency' ratio. AFUE is the percentage assigned to rate furnace efficiencies by dividing the ratio of heat output by heat input. A 90% AFUE furnace will only lose 10 cents of every heating dollar to exhaust, much lower than a typical furnace.

What are the benefits of high efficiency furnaces?

High efficiency furnaces offer a more reliable performance and better energy bill savings. Additional benefits include the possibility of tax credits for choosing a more eco friendly and efficient unit.

Are there any negatives to high efficiency furnaces?

The upfront cost can be more expensive, however the long term energy savings can make up the difference in a short time. On top of that installing a more efficient furnace may also require creating a source for the air to get to the furnace if your home doesn’t already have the necessary space, increasing installation cost.

Are high efficiency furnaces worth it?

Yes, as a long term investment thanks to the 90% or higher AFUE rating. High efficiency furnaces may cost more upfront but over time the overall savings from each energy bill can be significant enough to make up the difference.

The time required to break even on your investment will depend on the AFUE efficiency of the specific furnace you select., and the environment your furnace will operate in.The Department of Energy (DOE) states that a 95% furnace will likely save $47.36 per $100 of fuel used. Depending on the external factors and efficiency of the space you need to heat, the DOE’s estimates predirect a breakeven timeframe of 6 years for more energy efficient models, and possibly up to 17 years for less efficient (70% AFUE) furnaces.

How much is a high efficiency furnace?

Cost can range anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 installed but can offer significant savings of 25 to 30 percent. 

Why are high efficiency furnaces better?

There are three specific improvements high-efficiency furnaces offer over older furnace models, this includes the sealed combustion chambers, multi-stage burners, and lastly the variable speed blowers.

What are sealed combustion chambers?

A sealed combustion furnace draws the air it needs to work through a pipe that leads to the house exterior, this means less heat loss while the burners are on.

What are multi-stage burners?

A multi-stage burner adjusts how much power it consumes so that it can run at reduced energy whenever it can, compared to older furnaces whose burners are either on or off.

What are variable speed blowers?

These are fans that send heat from the furnace into the ventilation ducts, running the fan at lower speeds and consuming less power.

How do I install and choose a high efficiency furnace?

Partnering with a dedicated HVAC contractor such as a nearby Ruud Pro Partner will help ensure that your new high efficiency furnace will be effective in your house and work properly. Whether you need financing for your high efficiency furnace or help finding the right high efficiency furnace, we’re here to help.

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