Ruud Variable Speed Furnace

Keep your home comfortable with efficient heating from Ruud variable speed furnaces. With precise heating from varying heating flow, Ruud has got you covered for many winters to come.

Experience heating efficiency for years to come, while also saving money and energy with the EcoNet® Enabled Ruud® Ultra™ Series Modulating U98V Gas Furnace. This high-efficiency variable speed furnace is an ENERGY STAR®1 qualified series. The furnace is engineered to ensure you’re comfortable in your home with efficient heating.

When it’s time to upgrade or replace your system, Ruud makes it easy. Our energy-efficient variable speed gas furnaces are built to keep your family comfortable while saving on energy and maintenance costs.

What is a Variable Speed Furnace?

Variable speed furnaces utilize variable speed blower motors within a gas furnace. The motor controls the flow of air throughout the ductwork as heating demand changes. Depending on how much heat is needed, the variable speed blower motor can speed up or slow down airflow from your gas furnace to your home.

Ruud Variable Speed Furnace

Ruud Variable Speed Furnace

Variable Speed Furnace Benefits

  • Ultimate Comfort
    When conditions inside cool down, the variable speed blower adapts to your heating needs with precise temperature through airflow control.
  • Variable speed furnace savings
    Increase energy efficiency and reliability with a 98% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) furnace, which guarantees the most out of every drop of fuel.
  • Quiet Operation
    Variable speed furnaces can slowly increase airflow quietly, avoiding any sudden louder sounds from immediate full power activation.
  • Humidity Control
    This Ultra Series Gas Furnace’s variable speed motor improves humidity through improved airflow controllability.

Variable Speed Furnace FAQs

Are Variable Speed Furnaces Worth It?

While variable speed furnaces require higher initial costs, the energy-efficiency often leads to positive returns on the investment within a few years from lower heating costs.

What Are Typical Variable Speed Furnace Savings?

The savings on a variable speed furnace depend on many factors with saving paying back the investment within 4 to 5 years.

Pros and Cons of Variable Speed Furnaces


  • Efficiency. Heating and fan settings can be increased or decreased based on heating needs and temperature.
  • Air Quality. Fans can continue to run at all times, even when the furnace is not running, which improves air circulation.
  • Savings. As mentioned, variable speed furnaces often save money for owners long-term.


  • Cost. These furnaces are more expensive to acquire than other furnaces such as a two stage furnace.
  • Replacement. As with all furnaces, defective motors need replacement. 

Should I Get a Variable Speed Furnace?

If you have the available finances for the additional investment, the long-term savings make it worth getting a variable speed furnace. 

Partnering with a dedicated HVAC contractor such as a nearby Ruud Pro Partner will help ensure that your new variable speed furnace will save you money for a long time. Whether you need financing for your furnace or help finding the right HVAC contractor, we’re here to help.

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